AZ1A7508Communication is a two-way street, and if all we do is talk-talk-talk, it’s about as useful as lecturing a teenager on the benefits of proper posture. Just like your favorite teen, your stakeholders tune out (and slouch).

I think the answer goes beyond the lists and opt-ins and messaging — although those are critical. What if we made a point of listening?

Listen to what the people you’re trying to reach are saying — and how they say it. Understand what they’re not saying. Respond, in their “language,” in a way that shows you get it and you care. Present solutions to the challenges they face.

Come to think of it, it’s like any “relationship.” When you listen to what’s being said or not said,  you get the information you need to take it to the next level. When you speak to the other person, if you speak in a way that resonates with them, they’ll hear you. And when you hear them, and they hear you, the best is yet to come.

I’m a writer who speaks to my readers, not at them.

Want to talk more? You can reach me at


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